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Junior Golfers Wanted

Please Welcome the newest member of our PGA Professional Team Adrian Saxon.

Adrian’s a fully qualified AA PGA Golf professional over 10 years’ experience in the golf industry.

Adrian wants to help the local community and in particular provide opportunities to kids to take up Golf.

He is looking to build a thriving Junior Golf Section and Golf Team.

The first session is tonight and then every Wednesday 6PM-7PM for kids of ages of 5 and above.

"Not everyone plays football that's why its important to provide opportunities for all personality types".

"That way more kids can reap the benefits of taking part in sports in a positive environment". Says Adrian.

Golf offers many benefits for kids. Including exercise and the chance to learn skills useful in real life.

Coping with a bad break in golf is no different to coping with a bad break in life. There's disappointment as well as positive emotions in life and sport especially golf. Kids need to learn how to deal with both. As a result they become more resilient and determined. In a golf environment they learn how to deal with the odd bad or disappointing shot and move on.

Adrian's Golf sessions are centered around playing FUN games. The prefect environment to learn new skills and make new friends. Teach them to enjoy the game and they will be back to learn.


Adrian Saxton


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